Where To Buy Life Insurance For the Elderly

Have you been considering where to buy life insurance for the elderly?  If you’ve read my recent article 3 Things To Know About AARP Life Insurance For Seniors you would have learned that the AARP life insurance programs are not all they are cracked up to be.  In fact I pointed out several reasons they could be a huge financial mistake.

However, if after reading my article on the AARP life insurance programs turns your stomach you might be wondering where the best place would be to go to get a good deal on life insurance for seniors.  So I’ve been doing some research and I came across one place you should defiantly consider, Insure.com.

Why Insure

So you might be wonder why would I suggest you to go to Insure.com over the AARP?  The reason for this is because the AARP only deals with one company for life insurance, New York Life.  With Insure they work with hundreds of different life insurance companies like, Allstate, esurance, Travelers, Nationwide, and many more to sift through all the deals out there and bring you back the one that gives you the best options.

However that’s not all they do though, they also have some very valuable tools to help you along the way as well like a life insurance calculator.  This is a handy tool that will tell you what type of life insurance policy will best suit your situation like a term policy or a whole life policy.

They also have a rating tool that allows you to find the rating on a specific company.  For example, the top rating is an AAA rating and the life insurance company I use, Western Reserve Life, has a AA- rating, which is very strong rating.

Finally, they also have a glossary tool that allows you to look up different terms you may have heard while looking for a life insurance policy.  For example if you don’t know what a cash value account is you can simply type that term in and it will define and explain it to you.

How To Get Started

Getting started is easy and simple.  If you look at the picture below you will see something similar when you go to Insure.com.  To get started fill in the state you live in and your birth date.

getting_startedOnce you’ve filled in the info click the blue button that says Get Quotes Now.  Once you’ve done this a page will come up that will require you to fill in some additional information such as your gender, height, weight, whether you smoke or not, or if you have a medical condition or hazardous job.

Then you just pick the type of insurance program you’re looking for such as a term or a whole life policy, pick the amount of coverage you want and finally, fill in your contact information and your ready.

From here multiple insurance companies within your state will shoot back offers that you can compare against each other to find out which company has the best deal.  In the end this is a much more effective way to comb the market to find the best deal available to you.

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