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Step 2: Take Control Of Your Finances

Setup Your Budget.  The first step to managing your finances better is to pay attention to what is actually going on.  To do this I use a free online budgeting program called to manage my budget on a weekly basis.  Below are a few articles I put together to help you get started.


Start An Automatic Savings Plan.  The second part to this step is to set up an automatic savings plan.  To do this you need to save your money in a place that is only meant for your emergency fund.  I personally use the Capital One 360 Savings Account to do this because it allows me to automate things so I don’t always have to remember how to do them.  Click here to get the no fee Capital One 360 Savings Account.


Set Up Your Debt Plan.  Do you have a lot of debt?  Did you know that if you don’t pay it off in the right way you may end up pay thousands more on interest.  To help you out I’ve included this free debt reduction spreadsheet to help you pay off your debt.  Click here to get the free debt reduction spreadsheet.


Step 3: Avoid These Common Financial Mistakes

Financial mistakes come in all shapes and sizes.  Below are the top tips mistakes when it comes to credit cards, insurance, retirement, and even your mortgage.


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