In Your Corner: Tips for Finding the Right Lawyer After a Personal Injury

Your personal injury case is important enough to warrant a top-notch lawyer with significant experience. Choosing one is not a decision you want to make quickly or take lightly.

Having an idea of what you should look for and pay attention to during your search can help you find a personal injury attorney who you can trust has your best interests in mind and a commitment to winning your case. 

Make decisions with a clear mind

One of the worst things you can do while trying to find the right lawyer for your personal injury case is to do it when you do not have a clear mind.

This absentmindedness can range from when you are on strong medication due to your injury to when you are extremely upset over something that happened regarding the incident. Not having a clear mind may trigger you to make rash decisions. 

Choosing the best personal injury lawyer for your case is too critical of a decision to make when you are not in the right headspace. Consider having a trusted loved one help you with the process so they can collaborate to make the decision together.

Research online 

Wearing a fancy suit and sitting in a pleasant office does not mean that the personal injury lawyer is the right choice for your case, nor does it mean they are even legally able to take it on. 

Start your research with the American Bar Association, whose website offers links to the correct agency in each state where you can learn more about the status of an attorney’s license.

Once you verify this information, look up client feedback. Refrain from settling for reading the reviews on the lawyer’s website. Branch out and look at various other comments.

Pay attention to how they communicate

How a lawyer communicates with you in person and when you are not physically around should play a big part in hiring them.

Yes, you want a lawyer who can handle their business in the courtroom, but you also want someone who will return your calls and emails without annoyance and judgment.

While you want someone who will be honest with you about the process, a lawyer who can balance that with empathy can be a good match. 

Contact a state bar association

State bar associations, including the Pennsylvania Bar Association, typically have an option to get a referral when you are trying to find a reputable lawyer within the state.

This resource can be another excellent option for when you have no idea where to start with finding the right lawyer for your personal injury case or you want more options to consider before you make your final decision.

Don’t jump at promises

Promises are nice, but that is not all there is to it. A lawyer giving you honesty rather than false hope and fake promises is one worth considering.

There are no guarantees regarding the legal system, and no one should be insinuating that there are.

Hiring a personal injury attorney who will hold firm to their integrity is vital instead of jumping to sign on the dotted line with a lawyer promising the world and a guaranteed win. 

Ask about the process

Although you are hiring a personal injury lawyer because they know more about handling these cases, having your knowledge is essential.

Ask the lawyer questions about the process, such as what you need to do, their next steps, what compensation is possible, and approximately how long everything might take. It is your case, and you have every right to know its details. 

Learn about their experience 

There is more to a personal injury lawyer than the bio on their website. Learn about their experience with personal injury cases, such as how many they have done and how long they have been taking them on.

Consider asking some slightly personal questions (without being intrusive), such as their most challenging personal injury case for them personally and professionally.

Your personal injury case will likely come with ups and downs, and you need a lawyer who will stand with you through it all. Make the right decision; it could be a massive positive win for you in and out of the courtroom.

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