When Can You Claim Compensation for a Brain Injury in White Plains?

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Stats show that over 15% of hospital deaths in White Plains are attributable to TBIs(traumatic brain injury).

When you suffer a brain injury in an accident, it can be challenging to handle because of the complex nature of the damage.

A traumatic brain injury is most often caused by a hit to the head and blunt force trauma which creates internal injuries.

It is vital to contact a White Plains personal injury attorney immediately if you sustained brain injuries.

What are Brain Injuries?

Injuries from TBIs are severe and can cause permanent disability or even death. In White Plains, NY, compensation for these injuries is available through your standard personal injury claim.

Still, you must understand that not all accidents involving a brain injury lead to successful claims.

Establishing liability is sometimes very difficult. It helps if there was evidence like witness statements or security camera footage before filing a claim for a personal injury with a TBI.

Brain Injury and Your Personal Injury Claim

When you file a personal injury claim claiming damages from a traumatic brain injury, it is essential to understand that this insurance claim does not work in the same way as an ordinary negligence complaint.

The most significant difference between filing a TBI-related personal injury claim and other kinds of claims is that there is no clear definition of the relationship between liability and aggravation or “impact” on serious medical expenses.

In fact, by being injured, you can argue that you have sustained damages regardless of whether or not they were made worse through further trauma (for instance: if someone hits you and causes injuries, but later on you slip and fall down the stairs on your way to receive medical care).

Sometimes, proving liability is easier with a TBI claim because you will often have an external source of evidence. For instance, if someone hit you in the head with a metal pipe, you may have access to some witnesses who saw what happened.

Video footage can also be used as proof of how your accident occurred. Videos help establish that another person or company was responsible for causing injuries to your brain that required extensive surgery or rehabilitation costs.

Brain Injury Diagnosis Problems

A doctor might not be able to diagnose a brain injury until symptoms begin to manifest themselves, which means that sometimes it is difficult to determine whether an individual has suffered one or not.

There are different types of brain injuries that several events can cause. You might need to consult with an experienced doctor about what sort of injury you suffered before filing a claim.

When determining liability for your TBI in White Plains, it is essential to determine whether the actual damages were significant enough to merit compensation or not.

There are some cases that it might be wise to file a personal injury claim if the cost of your medical treatment is high enough. However, if there were no long-term effects from your traumatic brain injury, you might not have grounds for filing a White Plains personal injury claim involving TBI.

Suppose you have suffered a TBI in an accident in White Plains. In that case, consider contacting an experienced White Plains personal injury lawyer who can help provide the proper guidance and advice before moving ahead with filing claims.

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