Can Pedestrians Injured in Philadelphia Car Crashes Seek Compensation?

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Philadelphia witnessed over 1,500 pedestrian accidents in 2019. If you were recently injured in a Philadelphia car crash that another driver was at fault for, your first step should be to get immediate medical attention.

Pedestrians who have been hurt in a Philadelphia road accident and people whose family members have died in pedestrian accidents should gather evidence and inform their insurer of their situation. Legal counsel may also prove helpful throughout this complicated process.

Consider speaking with a trusted personal injury attorney Philadelphia about your options as soon as possible following the incident.

What if the Driver Flees the Scene?

When a road accident occurs, pedestrians need to get the vehicle’s license plate number. This information is beneficial to catch up with or identify the driver before police can approach them. If not, however, there are other steps that victims can take.

People injured in car crashes caused by hit-and-run motorists have recourse through their own insurance company and by filing a claim with Pennsylvania’s Motor Vehicle Financial Responsibility Law (MVFRL). To do this, drivers need to report the incident to the police within five days after learning of it and file a written claim within ten days after that.

They must also complete Form MV-1/E (available on legal websites) and send copies of all documents related to the incident to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

The MVFRL requires drivers to carry minimum levels of insurance and will suspend a person’s driving privileges if they do not meet this requirement or fail to file a claim when one is required.

Pedestrians who believe that another driver’s negligence caused their injuries can seek damages through a personal injury lawsuit in Philadelphia Municipal Court (an individual cannot sue for wrongful death in such cases).

Steps to File a Pedestrian Accident Claim

Victims or witnesses should report the accident to the police at the earliest. Police will issue the accident report, which is an essential document for legal action down the road.

1. Seek Proper Medical Attention

Seeking proper medical attention for all injuries is essential for getting appropriate treatment and proving the full extent of one’s damages. Later on, legal action will be taken.

2. Gather Evidence

Consider gathering evidence immediately after an accident occurs. This step may help prove liability at trial.

Obtain witness contact information, photographs or videos of the crash scene, traffic camera footage if available and damage-repair estimates for vehicles involved in accidents with pedestrians.

3. Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

A reliable personal injury attorney in Philadelphia can assist you with the claim filing process. As per the Pennsylvania statute of limitations, victims should file claims against responsible parties within three years of the date of the incident.

Your personal injury lawyer can help protect your rights throughout the process.

It is also essential to take the time to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer about having them assist you through any claims or lawsuits brought against the driver at fault for the incident.

Final Thought

Expert Philadelphia personal injury lawyers can help build a strong case in your favor. Additionally, these experts can help you with submission draftings, evidence organization, and other aspects of the case.

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