4 Common Types Of Employee Lawsuits

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If you’re a business owner, the last thing you want is an employee lawsuit on your hands. Not only will there be expenses to face if they win their claim against you, but there will be a dent in your reputation too.

The following linked article explains the steps you need to take to avoid an employee lawsuit.

But what about if you’re an employee? If your employer has treated you badly, it is in your right to seek legal action if you think there is a case to be made. You will need to factor in the costs as you will incur legal fees, but these can be offset if do emerge victoriously.

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But what are employee lawsuits? Whether you’re an employer or an employee, it is worth knowing about the different types of each.

These are the types of employee lawsuits you need to know about.


#1: Wrongful termination

Some employees are fired for the right reasons. If they do something that flies against the rules set out in company policies, employers do have the right to terminate their contracts. But then there are instances of wrongful termination.

It might be when the employer fires the employee without having the correct evidence. Such a situation might occur when the employer fires an employee for stealing when, in fact, another person may be responsible for the criminal act.

There are also instances that can be classed as ‘unfair dismissal.’ These are situations where the employee is fired without reasonable cause, perhaps because they have asked for time off work for maternity leave, or because they have tried to enforce their right to a minimum wage.

An employment attorney will often be called upon in such cases and legal claims will be made if the employer is at fault in any way.


#2: Workplace injury or illness

Employees have the right to work in a safe environment. But if health and safety have been overlooked by the employer, then the chances of a workplace injury or illness are high.

Examples of workplace injuries can include slips and falls, exposure to toxic chemicals, and accidents when using faulty pieces of equipment. Illnesses can include stress-related disorders, occupational hearing loss, and asbestos-related diseases, such as mesothelioma

In all cases, the employee should consult with their doctors before making a claim. They should do this to confirm that the accident or illness is work-related (even if it’s clear that it is), as a doctor’s testimony can act as evidence for the lawsuit. They should then seek legal help, be that from a personal injury lawyer, or from a specialist in illness and diseases, such as the legal firm at this website.


Photo by Visual Stories || Micheile on Unsplash

#3: Discrimination

Lawsuits related to discrimination are common. Employers and coworkers can both discriminate against others in the workplace, due to their age, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, or disability. Signs of discrimination include favoritism, exclusion from groups, being passed over for promotion, and unequal pay.

Employers should make every effort to treat each of their employees equally. They should also take seriously reports by their employees of discrimination they are receiving from coworkers. If they don’t respond accordingly, the employee has the right to make a legal claim, not only for being discriminated against but for the stress they might also experience as a consequence.


#4: Harassment

Harassment is very common in workplaces, especially where bullying is concerned. When employees are made to feel uncomfortable or unwanted by their employer or their coworkers, they have a right to sue if harassment or discrimination laws are being contravened.  Sexual harassment is a big issue when it comes to workplaces and if you are dealing with this you may want to call an attorney such as DhillionLaw.com.

Sexual harassment is another biggie. There have been many such cases reported in the media in recent years, especially those that have happened within Hollywood. There have also been several prominent movies that cover the subject, including Bombshell, which is based on the Fox News scandal in which a group of women filed a lawsuit against the head of the company for sexual harassment.

Harassment in any form is not to be accepted as all employees deserve to feel safe at work. Take this seriously if you’re an employer, and if you’re an employee, know that you do have the right to seek legal action.



In an ideal world, there would be no need for employee lawsuits. Sadly, we don’t live in an ideal world, as the media has often reported. So, take heed if you’re an employer and care for your staff. And if you’re an employee, know that you do have the legal right to protect your best interests. Continue your research online or speak to a lawyer if you need any further information.

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