You Have To Keep Your Business Outdoors Safe, Too

Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

You likely already know just how important safety is in the workplace and the steps that you have to take to make sure that your interiors areas are as free from accidents and injuries as possible.

However, did you know that the same needs extend to the outdoors?

The exterior of your business might still be business property and, as such, the same responsibilities extend.

So, what can you do to make sure you meet them?


Lighting is crucial

Slips, trips, and falls are always going to be the primary concern when it comes to common accidents in workplaces that do not have major safety risks (such as construction sites.)

Lighting is a crucial part of that, often because it can highlight obstacles, slippery areas, or changes in levels. Outdoor lighting for your business can also make employees feel a lot safer about navigating it at night, especially when the days start to get shorter.


Mind your greenery

If you have any greenery on the exterior of your property, you should be mindful of how it can become dangerous if left to grow unchecked.

For one, some paving stones and other surfaces can become slick with organic matter over time, leading to slipping hazards.

But you should also consider working with a professional arborist to make sure that you’re able to keep trees trimmed as, if their branches grow too heavy, they can pose a real risk of falling objects.


Watch your step

The very ground that you walk on should be safe, as well. Normally, there might be no reason to be concerned about this but all materials are prone to wear and tear over time.

Tiles and concrete alike can break, so it’s important to have concrete repair services on call for when that happens. If someone ends up tripping because you didn’t take good enough care of your sidewalk, that is going to be your responsibility.


Make your mark

For any exterior areas where vehicles are likely to be stored or walkways have to be kept clear, such as warehouse exteriors, you should make sure that people know where it’s safe to stand.

Ground markings can also make steps and other changes in height and terrain much easier to notice, meaning your employees can behave more safely. Of course, you should train them to keep an eye out for any marks and signage, as well, rather than just expecting it.


Keeping it secure

Though not necessarily part of your legal duties, you might feel a level of responsibility to ensure that your employees and customers are secure from any crime on the property.

To that end, you might want to install security features, especially CCTV cameras that can work as both a way to record any events as well as to deter those who might consider committing crimes on your property.

Your exterior areas demand just as much care and caution as any other part of the workplace. Make sure that you’re putting the right measures in to secure them.

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