4 Casino Design Secrets (That You May Not Know About)

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Walking into a casino is an exhilarating and exciting moment.

As you fight your way past crowds of people and follow the maze of music and lights to the gaming tables – play now.

You may assume that the design of a casino is random and just based upon mathematical fittings, you would be wrong.

Casinos are designed purposefully. The design is by no means random.

The casino designs have a few secrets that you are about to find out.


1. Group layout

Casinos need to designed with everyone in mind. People from all walks of life turn up to casinos so trying to design a casino to suit the entire world is excruciating. Casinos make this design task easier by dividing them into three main categories.

These are; hotel guests, casual players, and high rollers. Among your casual players, you will usually find beginners and people who are just out for a fun night out. High rollers take gaming very seriously, they are likely to be experienced and loaded with money.

Hotel guests are well guests staying in the hotel.


2. The floor design

When designing a casino, the designers create a path for hotel guests who pass through the casino on the way to their hotel room. This path usually has a few temptations and simple games to intrigue the hotel guest.

The design for casual players is different. Casual gamers traveling around the casino floor are largely seeking the convenience of slots. A distinct path to simpler games is made for casual players. On the other hand, the design for high rollers is completely different.

Experienced high rollers want to evade slot machines as well as other interruptions. Their design avoids the common games and takes them straight to the high stake opportunities.


Photo by Javon Swaby from Pexels

3. Slot design layout

Slots were a turning point for casinos. Their popularity was a surprise to everyone and it is just increasing. Before slots would be in rows of identical machines.

Now as popularity has increased the layout of slots in casinos has changed. They are now in clusters. This gives games an array of different types and themes of slots to choose from.


4. Smaller details

It is not just where the games have placed that matters. The smaller details are just as crucial. Designers create spaces where crowds are likely to gather. It is also believed that most women play more confidently when they are not being watched.

Meaning casinos design game areas that limit crowds. The noise levels in a casino also vary, this is due to the design. Some areas are more crowded, some play music, some are almost silent. The visibility above the height of the slot machines is also taken into consideration.

These designs are all made to intrigue players. It also ensures that everyone can enjoy their casino experience.

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