5 Top Virtual Party Ideas For This Festive Season

Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

Even though the rules are more relaxed for the holidays, many people are still wanting to be careful and safe from Coronavirus.

For this reason, they are choosing not to see family members this Christmas and to spend as much time as possible indoors. However, as everyone has had to adapt and get creative this year, it means that we’re used to Zooming and even partying online.

So, if you’re looking for something a little different to do this Christmas where you can have some fun with your family and friends without having to actually see them.

There are plenty of ideas for virtual games and parties you can do and have as much fun if not more fun this Christmas than you would any other year.


1. Wine Tasting Evening

There are now plenty of companies who will host a virtual wine tasting evening for you, however, if you want to organize it yourself then this is still rather easy to do and will save you money.

First of all, you need to choose the right time, and wine experts will say that after dinner would be a good time for this. Also if you’re inviting people who have kids then you’ll want to choose a time when they are in bed.

Next, you’ll decide which platform to host the evening on, whether it’s Zoom or Microsoft Teams, choose something that everyone has access to and is familiar with to save time. Now onto the good bit, choose a theme for the wine.

You could all have to choose a wine from a different country or perhaps you choose one from a certain vintage.

Whatever theme you go with, you’ll all have to have the same bottles at each house to taste and it would be better if you can have them numbered so that the other people don’t know what your choice is. Then you can all get tasting and rating your wines.


2. Quiz

You might be all quizzed out from the beginning of the pandemic, but it is still a fun party idea. Again you could choose a theme for your quiz and if you don’t want to host one yourself then you could join a quiz that is already happening online.

Some of them you can even win money on. Make it more fun by choosing a theme that you can all get dressed up for, such as a movie-themed quiz and points for the best fancy dress movie character.

Make sure you get a virtual photo booth to capture the occasion too.


3. Murder Mystery

A murder mystery evening is something that can be done virtually too. This one can be more tricky to do on your own unless you are a great scriptwriter.

Instead, check out companies like Virtually Together where your event will be hosted by professional actors who will set the scene for an interactive show where the emphasis is on the fun.

All of the shows are tried and tested so you are guaranteed to have a great time. There are classic themes as well as Christmas ones so you can find something to suit you and your guests.


4. Escape Room

Fancy doing an Escape Room with your mates? This is usually something you need to be in close contact for, but not anymore as you can have just as much fun doing it virtually.

Again this isn’t going to be something easy to do on your own, so you’re better sort it out with an escape room company that is offering virtual parties.

You’ll likely need a printer to get the pieces of the puzzle and it’s advised for each household to have two screens, one for playing the game and the other for chatting to teammates.

Just like in real life, you’ll have to discuss each puzzle together, then work on potential solutions using the printed puzzles in each household, while sharing their thinking with the rest of the team.

There might also be video or audio files to play. You can either play together or against each other, but whatever you do, it’s a lot of fun.


5. Movie Night

A movie night is simple to do as all it requires is everyone who is attending to get on their video chat and then turn on a movie at the same time.

This way you’re watching it together at the same time, you can discuss it as you go and laugh along with each other. Make sure you’ve got lots of food and drink in too, to make it a proper movie experience.

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