Business and Pleasure: Your Guide to Making the Most Out of Business Trips


Traveling… it certainly has its pros and cons, right? On the one hand, you’re having to endure long delays, lost luggage, the threat of germs, and having to almost wear your birthday suit to get through the security check.

Depending on how you’re feeling when you travel, these hassles can be more than they’re worth in order to have a relaxing trip. Then on the other hand, once you actually get to your destination, you can finally relax.

The same can’t always be said about those who travel for business trips.

You have those same inconveniences that come with travel and mix them up with the exhaustion, and even slight awkwardness, that comes with spending constant time with your coworkers for an extended amount of time. But that’s the reality of business trips.

Whether you like it or not, you’re more than likely going to have some kind of business meetings or conferences scheduled that you’re going to have to attend with coworkers.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the trip just because you’re there for work-related purposes… Follow these tips on how to make the most out of your business trips… you might look up and realize that you’re actually having fun.


Plan Ahead

Strategic planning is one of the best ways to have a successful business trip. You’re not only going to be representing the company you work for but you’re also going to have the eyes of your boss and coworkers on you as well so want to always be “on.”

Before your trip, you want to always be prepared and operate under the theory that if anything can go wrong, it will.

So with that in mind,  you’ll want to double-check your airline information, map out the route to your hotel, check your work’s schedule of meetings and events you have to attend, and check your fight to make sure there weren’t any cancellations or delays to make you miss your flight.

According to, some of the biggest reasons flights get canceled are due to bad weather, not enough passengers, or technical/computer glitches.


Pack the Essentials

When packing for a business trip, you want to pack with that at the forefront of your mind, in all aspects. This doesn’t just mean to pack business attire… you’re going to need to pack all the essentials that come with a business trip.

For example, of course, you’re going to need to pack your business clothes and presentation materials but another helpful item to pack would be earplugs for when you’re on a noisy flight or need to block out your coworker’s loud snoring so you can get a good night’s rest.

You’ll want to make sure you pack headphones too. That’s the perfect way to let people know you don’t want to talk and a great way to relax, whether you’re on a plane or in your room.


Enjoy Your Business Trip From Start to Finish

Enjoy the Airport

Ok, so you’re on a business trip… but you’re not in business mode the entire time, and that means you can have a little fun. Let’s start with your initial arrival to the airport.

As you walk through the airport, you’ll notice that there are all kinds of little shops, dining establishments, and even spa locations.

Since you have to arrive at the airport two hours before your flight leaves, why not take advantage of some of the fun things being offered at the airport?

If you’re someone who’s a little nervous about airplanes, take advantage of the spa services offered there to calm your nerves a bit. You can even go to one of the airport restaurants and have a drink before setting a flight.

If that’s not your thing, you can always indulge in a little retail therapy to make you feel a little better! The point is that you can get your business trip off to the right start even before you get to your business trip location, which will actually set the tone for how the rest of your trip will go.


Enjoy the Flight

Now that you’ve made the most of your time at the airport, now you can enjoy the plane flight to your destination.

This part is pretty simple and can go however you want it to go. If you want a relaxing flight, you can pull out those earplugs or headphones and let the sound of music or quiet, let you drift off to sleep land.

If you’re awake, you can plug in your headphones and watch a movie on your laptop or from your phone.


Enjoy the Destination

The actual destination you’re going to is the whole reason for the business trip in the first place. So when all your business affairs are over, you have to take in the city you’re visiting.

A lot of times businesses will charter a bus to sightsee as a team as teambuilding exercises. It not only keeps everyone together but it allows the entire team to reflect on the highlights of the conference and to take in some of the sights together, making lasting memories as a team.

Your team may even decide to have a meal together, whether it be lunch or dinner, spending time together as a team isn’t such a bad thing. It actually allows you to get to know your coworkers and possibly have a better understanding of them.

Sometimes business trips are the very thing businesses need to make teams work more cohesively and to increase employee engagement.

Just remember, business trips might not be your most favorite thing but they are necessary sometimes in order for businesses to grow but that doesn’t mean that the entire trip has to be miserable for you.

It’s all about your mindset… Consider enjoying the trip for what it is, from start to finish.

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