Server Search: What To Looking For In A Website Or Email Host


It’s becoming increasingly common for small businesses to host their own websites. It’s hard to have customers find you without something like this, with many people’s shopping habits being based around the internet.

Of course, though, choosing the server you’re going to use to host your website can be a challenge. There are a lot of factors to consider, but most normal people don’t know where to start.

To make this much easier, this article is going to explore all of the different aspects of your website hosting to give you the chance to choose the right option.


The Software

The software which comes on the server you choose will make a big difference when it comes to the way that you use it.

For example, a cheap Windows VPS will usually come with Plesk, whereas a Linux VPS would come with Cpanel.

They both offer many of the same features but will differ when it comes to the way that you use them. Most new users regard Plesk as the easier of the two options.


The Speed

Speed is crucial when it comes to a modern website, with search engines like Google factoring your loading speeds into the way that they rank you.

It’s worth having a server that runs as fast as possible, though this can take some research and review reading to figure out.

Siteground is one of the fastest shared hosting providers for platforms like WordPress, though this gets more complicated when you’re looking at VPS and dedicated servers.


The Reliability

Having your website go down can be terrible for a small business. Not only will this mean that customers can’t buy things from you, but it may also put them off of the idea of buying things from you in the future.

It’s worth looking for server providers which promise 100% uptime, as this usually means that you will be able to get some sort of compensation if your website goes down for a very long time.


The Security

Keeping a website secure is difficult nowadays, as there are loads of different viruses and other malware floating around which are designed to attack your site.

This makes it well worth looking for a hosting provider which takes security seriously. VPS servers are generally more secure than shared hosting, but this will depend on the way that you use them.


The Price

Finally, as the last area to consider, it’s time to think about the price. Hosting can be a very expensive product when you choose the wrong option, and this makes it well worth spending some time finding a deal that will work for your business.

VPS servers are more costly than a shared server but will provide many of the features of a dedicated server, making them an excellent middle-ground option for those on a budget.

Choosing the right host for your business is difficult, and many people struggle to make the right choices when they’re going down this path.

Thankfully, there are loads of resources around the web which cover this sort of product, and this makes it possible to choose the best package for your company.

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