4 Ways to Get Out of That Dead End Job and Boost Your Career


Stuck in a dead-end job, or no longer happy with the path your career is on?

Here are some ways you can get back on track and secure yourself a job more suited to you.


#1 Give your self-confidence a boost

Have you ever messed up an interview because you were so nervous that you weren’t able to think straight or speak without your voice squeaking and shaking? It sounds like the stuff of nightmares but this is the reality for many of us, it can be really stressful and once you’ve had one bad interview it can knock your confidence with any others too.

Think about body language since this is incredibly powerful too, where possible you need to be avoiding defensive stances such as arms folded and scowling expressions. Be mindful not to give off too many signs of nervousness such as hair stroking, leg bouncing or general fidgeting.

This can be hard when you genuinely are nervous but do your best. Even if the job you want isn’t customer-facing, employers will always be looking for and favor people that express themselves well. Most companies work in teams and being a good team player often involves expressing yourself well which is why this is so important.

If you’re really struggling with this. You could enroll in a public speaking course and learn some tricks for boosting your confidence.


#2 Improve your education

Improving your education is one of the best ways to improve your job prospects since it opens the door to better jobs. As a general rule, the higher your education level, the better paid the jobs will usually be and to be able to apply for many jobs at all you’ll need at least a degree.

If you already have your degree then further education is always a good thing, this could be in the form of a master, Ph.D. or just in certification that improves and updates your knowledge keeping it current.

Many people make the mistake of thinking a degree they achieved ten years ago will get them a job, but actually, unless you’ve used that knowledge or done further education over the years to keep things current then you might struggle as things change so quickly.

For example, if you qualified in an IT-based subject then a lot will have changed in ten or even five years, but a recent qualification showing IT auditor skills, for example, will make your degree much more relevant.


#3 Volunteer

Volunteering looks great on your resume, it’s something employers like to see. If you go ahead and volunteer in a work placement that’s linked to the role you want, this shows employers that you’re serious about learning and reaching your goals and could set you apart from other candidates.

For example, if you’re studying healthcare you could volunteer at a hospital, clinic or care home. Find out what kinds of opportunities are available that fit your goals and will be viewed most favorably by employers.


#4 Take up an interesting hobby

Employers like to find out more than who you are as a person at work, and will generally try to get a gauge on who you are as a person as well. This is where they’ll start asking you about your hobbies and interests, and there’s a good reason for this.

Hobbies can give clues about a person, the sort of things they enjoy can provide insight into their skills, ability and character traits. You can use this within your favor, avoid listing generic hobbies like socializing and the gym and instead choose to list hobbies that complement the job you’re applying for.

Don’t lie about your interests, instead, use this as an opportunity to improve your skills in a new way and you’ll be able to present your social side to employers and show skills they’ll also be looking for. For example, if the role you want requires a candidate to be level headed and avoid risk then you wouldn’t want to put a high adrenaline sport down as something you enjoy.

Instead, you’d choose to tell them about more methodical and careful hobbies you have. Team sports are always good since most roles in the workplace will require teamwork on some level, anything from basketball to football to cricket can show that you work well as a team.

Have a think about the particular skills that employers will be looking for in this job role and use your hobbies as a way to showcase them.

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