How To Get Smart With Your Money In 2020 And Beyond


The new decade is here and this is perhaps the best time to reassess your money management skills and strategies.

Although you may not have the same money goals as your best friend or colleague, a strong financial future is something that everyone aspires for. And it requires some good thinking and long term planning.

Moreover, you can move one step closer to your goals by getting smart with your money, whether it is about earning, spending, saving or investing. Here are some good pieces of advice that can help you get wiser with your dollars in 2020 and beyond.


Automate your finances

How regularly are you with your bill payments or cash savings? Well, missed deadlines are more common than you may think. Also, it is easy to skip your monthly saving schedules even after big promises that you make with yourselves before every single paycheck.

Automating your finances is a smart move to do away with these woes. It is as simple as asking your bank to schedule your regular bills payments and investments. Setting bill reminders and low account balance alerts is also a good idea.


Keep track of every dollar you spend

Being aware of every dollar you spend is the key to getting smart with your money. Invest some effort in creating a spending plan that tracks your expenses and aims to ensure that they are always under control. Focus on saving a minimum amount every month.

If you are not using a budgeting app, now is the time to get started because it lets you track daily spending and plan to save as well.


Envision long term money management

Small savings and expense control in the present are important but you need to envision long-term when it comes to intelligent money management.

A holistic Wealth Management plan that encompasses investment planning, tax planning, estate planning, and retirement planning is the best way to get started. Getting help from a wealth advisory firm is a good idea to create a plan that delivers growth, value, and security.


Discover passive income opportunities

Another strategy to smarten up your finances in 2020 and beyond is by discovering passive income opportunities. Obviously, passive income translates into more money for your pocket and you can use it to increase your saving and investment.

Although you may be tempted to spend this extra income, the best advice is to invest and see it multiply over time. Consider alternate investment means such as rental property, real estate, and precious metals as they bring monetary growth and serve as secure assets as well.


Pay off your debts aggressively

While you should focus on growing your wealth, reducing your debts should also be on top of your financial agenda this year. High-interest debt adds to your monthly expenses, which is the reason why you should try to get rid of them with an aggressive approach.

Making extra monthly payments is a smart idea and so is avoiding new debts altogether.

Now that you know how to be extra smart with your money this year, you will probably be able to consolidate your finances in the future.

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