2 Ways You Are Putting Your Employees Lives At Risk


You wouldn’t intentionally put your employees’ lives at risk, we assume.

We are sure you aren’t a tyrant of a boss making your employees’ lives a misery with unsafe working conditions.

But there are ways in which you might be putting your employee’s lives at risk, and it’s important that you understand what they are. Your employees are important to your business, after all, and on a moral and ethical basis, you need to know your responsibilities.


#1: You are driving your employees towards burnout

You want your employees to work hard for your business, but you don’t want to push them beyond the limits of what they can cope with.

If you are constantly making them work overtime, and if you don’t give them sufficient breaks during the day, then you might well be driving them towards burnout, and sorry to say it, but this could prove fatal.

According to one psychiatrist, burnout can lead to heart attacks, stress-related conditions, and even suicide. In short, as stated in the article, your employees could face ‘death by overwork.’

Of course, we are talking in extremes here, but you do need to monitor the health of your employees. If you notice the signs of burnout in them, which include low moods, tiredness, and detachment from work, then you should take action.

Outsource more if your employees have too much to handle, take on more staff if necessary, give your employees the opportunity for more breaks, and take steps to improve their work-life balance. Not only will these steps preserve the health of your employees, but it will ensure they have better morale and a higher productivity level too!


#2: You are endangering your fleet drivers

Many businesses are reliant on a commercial fleet for transporting cargo, collecting supplies, and other purposes, so chances are, you might have drivers on the road working hard for your business.

However, according to studies, the annual accident rate for fleet traffic is rising, and in some cases, this accounts for the increased number of fatalities on our roads today. In some cases, these accidents can be attributed to fleet drivers themselves, often through distracted driving.

However, there are other reasons, and the fault might lie with you.

If vehicles are ill-maintained, the chances of an accident will be high. If you haven’t given them the proper training in vehicles that might be unfamiliar to them, then you are increasing the risk of them getting into an accident.

And if your drivers are spending too many hours on the road, then they are going to experience tiredness, and this could prove fatal. You need to take the steps necessary to protect your drivers. This includes servicing your fleet vehicles regularly, fitting them with safety technologies, investing in driver training, and being sensible, such as not ringing your drivers when they are on the road.

Without taking these steps, not only are you putting your employees in danger, but you are endangering your business too. A personal injury lawyer will work with your employees when they make a compensation claim against you, and this could scupper your finances.

Your reputation will take a hit if you are found to be negligent in the care of your staff. And, of course, you will find yourself understaffed should your employees be incapacitated.



Today then, think about your employees. Are you putting their lives at risk? If so, take the necessary steps to protect them, because both they and your business will be in a dangerous position if you don’t!

Follow our suggestions, and then consider other ways in which your employee’s lives may be at risk within your business.

Are you putting employees lives at risk?

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