Remember These 5 Things While Buying a Ready House


Buying a house is a one-time investment in the long run. Getting a piece of land and then building a house is a gradual process and takes time.

These days several builders employ professional teams for building valmismajad (in English ready houses). Do take close note of the underlying points when considering a house purchase.


#1 Evaluating the location

The locale of the residence can have conclusive authority over the job you could take up or the school of your children. The buildings nearer to shopping complexes and other facilities, including hospital, transportation feasibility, etc. are given higher preference.

If the acquisition of a house is an investment and you intend to sell it in the future, then location becomes more important. The increase in rates will be tremendous in areas that have high accessibility and developmental rates.

The accommodations available in the outskirts might please a few people for serenity and peace but will not have many hikes in the prices.


#2 Budget: The major deciding factor

These houses are a bit cheaper than the self-built ones. Buying a house is an expense of a lifetime. Don’t just acknowledge the investing price, but also consider if there are any other hidden charges as well.

Whether the EMI’s will be pocket-friendly or not. The insurance, taxation and registration fee is something most people tend to ignore.

There are favorable chances that builders might offer freebies. Do not get allured by the unnecessary stuff, such as the fancy wall decors and woodworks. The possibilities are high that the price has already been included.


#3 Size of the house

A dwelling that is sufficient for two people will not do the same for a family of eight. The number of people intending to live intends to determine the size. Not the interior size alone, but the space available for parking of vehicles and if there’s any extra space for gardening.

The individual size of rooms and hall is as vital as the room count. Some people purchase a house, not only for living rather they transform some part for work as well.


#4 Maintenance

The amount and costing of maintenance depend on the critical inspection done before the actual deal. It is imperative to look beyond the beautifully painted walls.

Moreover, going into the other details is integral. Check for the electrical switchboards, taps and what sort of flooring has been done. The woodworks and elements are in good condition or not.

Also, consider whether the detailing includes concrete or wood as woody details demand much more care and attention.


#5 Legal inquiries

Hiring a lawyer can add to the total money spend during the purchasing process. However, it serves a great help against getting scammed. The technical jargons and negotiations that can be made in the contract aren’t known to all.

The work is done before handly saves you from a lot of trouble in the future, including liability of loans and any odds of property falling into someone else’s or government’s possession. Also, be mindful when it comes to inquiring about the land if it is governmentally approved for building purposes.

Are you thinking about buying a ready house?

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