What Do Employees Want (Other Than a Paycheck)?


Everyone has their own individual reasons for working – beyond getting a paycheck, of course.

As an employer, if you can discover more about what your employees are looking for, you will be able to create an environment that suits them and encourages them to stay with your organization for a longer period of time.

Let’s run through some of the top things which employees are looking for so that you can check if you working environment fits the bill.


A Feeling of Value and Security

First of all, employees want to feel like they are a valued member of the team. They also want to feel like they are in a safe and secure position.

This can be taken quite literally in that you need to do everything you can to come up with a detailed health and safety policy, investing in the right equipment like safety railings etc.

But they also want to feel like that their position is safe at the company, so make sure that you provide regular feedback that helps you to both stays on the same page at all times.


To Be Treated Fairly

Of course, the fact that life isn’t fair is drilled into everyone from an early age, but you shouldn’t make your working environment more unfair than it needs to be.

Employees can’t stand favoritism, so you should try your best not to single out any members of staff for special treatment.

If you are going to give recognition, don’t do it in a way that you are always highlighting the same people’s achievements all the time as this is inevitably going to lead to resentment.


Not To Be Micromanaged

Everyone appreciates a boss who appears to know what they are doing and leads them in the right direction.

However, this doesn’t mean that people want to be micromanaged and feel like someone is looking over their shoulder all the time.

So, you need to strike a balance between overseeing the direction in which your employees are working without making every single decision for them.


To Feel Less Stress

A certain degree of pressure helps people to do their best work, but the opposite effect is created if people feel like they are under immense stress all the time.

Much of this is down to having a healthy work/life balance, but you need to recognize the signs that you are pushing your team too hard. When you are setting goals, make sure that they are realistic and achievable.

A lot of this comes back to clean and open communication between you and your staff members.

As you can see, creating a working environment in which employees can feel satisfied is not an easy proposition, but it is one that is certainly worth striving for.

There is a range of different factors which you need to control and manage – and some of the key ones are listed in this article.

What do your employees want other than a paycheck?

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