What are Sexual Interference Charges?

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If you find yourself accused of any sort of sort serious allegation such as sexual interference you will clearly need to appoint some sex crime attorneys you can rely on to tell you your options and help you defend your case in the best way possible.

Although you will have a good idea of what sexual interference implies here is an overview of what the charges usually involve and what the potential options are when facing this sort of allegation.

The Basics

In the eyes of the law, sexual interference is described as intentionally touching in a sexual way a person who is under the age of sixteen.

The clear distinction between this charge and a sexual assault charge is that sexual interference is a term used to distinguish a situation where the complainant is under the age of 16.

Other legal differences to be aware of include the fact that whereas a sexual assault charge will involve touching someone in a sexual way, an interference extends to the allegation that the touching was deemed to be for sexual purposes. Your best bet can be studied through valuable resources or click here to know more about federal laws and penalties when it comes to sex offenses.

A Question of Intent

A sexual interference charge often hinges on whether the sexual interaction was made with specific intent for the contact to lead to further interaction.

A successful prosecution often requires reasonable proof that the accused was aware that the complainant was under the age of sixteen or failed to take reasonable steps to verify their age before making sexual contact.

There is obviously a substantial difference between unintentional touching and sexual interference.

This is another area where the prosecution has to be able to prove that the accused intended to touch the complainant in a sexual way and was aware of what they were doing.

A Serious Situation

It should go without saying that if you are accused of sexual interference you will be required to answer some very serious charges that carry some severe consequences if a successful conviction is achieved by the prosecution.

The minimum period of incarceration for this offense is three years in jail and there are numerous other consequences that mean you should be aware of the gravity of the situation and seek the right professional guidance to discuss your case and your options at the earliest possible opportunity.

Defending Your Position

To a certain extent, criminal prosecutions and successfully defending them rely heavily on the specific circumstances relating to the alleged offense.

It is often even more complicated when it comes to a charge of sexual interference. This is because there are so many variables that can have a major impact on the outcome of the case.

The most obvious defense would be to deny that the sexual act did not occur and the charge should not stand. It can also be a valid defense if you can show that the complainant was not under the age of 16 at the time of the incident.

It can also be the case that someone lies about their age and you were of the opinion that they were over the age of 16.

What is not in doubt is the fact that a charge of sexual interference needs to be defended by a legal professional with experience and understanding of this sort of allegation. It is best to get in touch as a matter of urgency with a sex crime attorney if this sort of charge is made against you.

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