A Complete Guide to Finding the Right Accident Lawyer


When you have a bang-up with another vehicle on the road, it can leave you laid-up for months and unable to accomplish much.

You never want to represent yourself in civil court because of how the other party will run legal circles around you. They will dance and celebrate with champagne as you try to put together a case. You need a qualified personal injury lawyer.

Let’s have a look at what to seek in a good accident lawyer.



One of the first things that you will want is to hire a lawyer who has a specialization in personal injury. That’s because they will understand the laws better, and this will strengthen your chances that you will receive a fair settlement.

We don’t advise that you hire a general lawyer because of how this can hurt your chances of winning your case. You want someone who has a good understanding of this area of law.

A specialized accident lawyer will have a greater understanding of their field, and they will have a greater depth of knowledge needed for receiving fair compensation. Don’t hire a real estate lawyer when you need someone with expertise in personal injury.


Don’t Hire from out of State

Perhaps you moved from one state over to the next, and you want to hire your lawyer from the previous state because you know him. We wouldn’t recommend this. In almost every case, this leads to poor results.

You want someone local to where the accident took place because of how the laws in these places will be different from your previous state. Your lawyer might be well versed in the laws of Utah, but he may not have as much of an understanding of the laws in New Jersey.

Even the local laws can differ sometimes, which is why you may want to hire one local to the area when possible. It gives you the best chances.



Experience does make a difference. A lawyer with years of experience in law will understand how to effectively fight your case, and they will know how to present the evidence in your favor.

Beware of lawyers that have big-budget advertising without the credentials to back up their statements. You want someone who will get you the best possible outcome.

In addition, a lawyer who asks for cash upfront in a case with a serious injury could indicate that they don’t have the confidence to get you a good settlement where you will get paid.

One of the most important questions that you can ask is whether they have gone to trial. For a lawyer who never goes to trial, insurance companies don’t worry as much that the lawyer will play ball for you, and they give a low-ball figure.

You want someone who will fight for you through thick and thin, and they won’t accept anything but the fairest settlement or award for you. That is what commands the respect of the insurance companies.


Proven Trial Experience

Lawyers that have proven trial experience will command more respect for the opposing party, which means that they will take them seriously.

They won’t throw up a figure that they know is a low-ball number against a professional with the expertise to defend you against it. In addition, a lawyer like this will know how to handle high-stakes scenarios like this, which can be deadly.


Questions to Ask a Potential Firm

  • Do you have time for my case?
  • What is my case worth?
  • How long have you practiced in personal injury law?
  • Do you have experts on hand who can help my case?

You want to ask these questions to gauge what kind of lawyer you might have. In addition, you want to know how much time the lawyer has for your case.

Sometimes, you give a lawyer a case, and they don’t have as much time as they should to handle your case, which can mean that it falls between the cracks and gets neglected. We will help you to navigate the legal landscape, and you will do it with ease.


Know the Fees Upfront

Before you ever choose to hire a lawyer, you should have a full understanding of the fees and what the law firm plans to charge for its services.

After you have an understanding for the fees, you can compare how each lawyer rates across the field and which one to hire. In most cases, lawyers work based on a percentage of the settlement package, but you should never assume that this is how they will charge.


Reputable and Respected

You can’t overstate this. Hire a law firm with a strong reputation for excellence and respect in the field. In this way, you will have greater confidence that you will succeed in the field.

Check for law firms that have a long-time history of success, and they have good client relationships. This shows that they have established themselves well. Look at the reviews of previous clients to understand this.

Finding the right accident attorney can take some time, but if you give it the right amount of attention, you should succeed with it.

Especially when you have a serious accident on your hands, a qualified, expert lawyer can mean the difference between success or failure. Look for a law firm that has built a reputation in their industry as one of the stronger types.

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