A More Eco-Friendly Business For 2019: What To Do


2019 is fast approaching, so now is the perfect time to consider how your business can be improved.

Eco-friendly businesses are now more marketable and attractive than ever before, as many people are becoming concerned with their impact on the environment and want to shrink their carbon footprint.

Below, we have some ideas that you can use to become a more eco-friendly business for 2019. Take a look and see what you can implement:


Go Paperless

Going paperless is a fairly simple idea that pretty much any business should be able to implement.

It simply means only printing what you absolutely have to print, using both sides of the paper when you do, recycling, using recycled paper/ink cartridges, and being more mindful in a similar vein. These days, you can make pretty much everything paperless, such as invoicing.

You’ll also have your documents filed and easy to access on the cloud, so you don’t need to sort through stacks and stacks of paper to find what you’re looking for.


Allow Employees To Work Remotely

You don’t need to do this all the time, and you may not be able to do it with all of your employees, but if you can allow remote working one day a week or even just occasionally, you’ll save a ton of resources.

You’ll save on office costs, and your employees won’t be contributing to pollution by traveling to work. On days when your employees do need to travel into work, you could offer incentives to those who carpool or use bikes.


Assess Your Processes

There are likely many processes that you can assess and improve to make more eco-friendly, although this can depend on your business and what it is you do.

You may also consider investing in things that will reduce the impact you have on the environment, such as oil stop valves to stop waste from entering waterways.


Only Work With Eco-Friendly Vendors/Suppliers

Do your research on your vendors/suppliers and see if you could potentially work with a more eco-friendly company.

By becoming a more eco-friendly company and then choosing only to work with other mindful companies that are reducing their impact, you’ll make an even bigger difference.


Use Recycled/Refurbished Items

Whether you need to buy computers or office furniture, look into buying recycled and/or refurbished items. Not only will this be easier on your business budget, but it’ll also greatly reduce your impact.


Make Sure Everybody Is On The Same Page

Make sure that everybody in your organization is on the same page. Create clear signage,  which you can get from tradesignshop.co.uk, so that people can put things in the right bins, and make everybody responsible for turning off their equipment and machinery at the end of the day.

If everybody is on the same page, you’ll ensure you’re reducing your impact as much as you possibly can. Having guidelines clearly laid out will ensure your values are upheld.

Are you ready to work towards a more eco-friendly business for 2019? Leave your thoughts and ideas below!

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