5 Things You Should Never Do While Driving


Despite all of the information out there which educate people on safe driving, a lot of drivers just can’t see to figure it out.  It’s important to follow proper driving etiquette so that you can avoid hurting yourself or hurting someone else on the road.

Many people aren’t even aware of how dangerous some of the things are that they do while driving. Failure to drive responsibly at all times could result in tickets, you had to Get a Hardship License, or even worse – potential fatalities. Here are some of the topmost common things that you shouldn’t do while driving.

Here are some of the topmost common things that you shouldn’t do while driving.


#1 Navigate Your Phone

It’s important to never look at your phone while driving even for a split second.  Whether you’re sending a text or briefly looking at a notification, navigating your phone in any way shape or form is taking attention away from the road.

If the temptation to look at your phone when it makes a sound is too great, then turn your phone off while driving or put it on mute.  Chances are you won’t miss anything by waiting until you’ve gotten out of your car to use your phone.


#2 Discipline Your Children

Even though your children may be going crazy in the back seat or need to be disciplined, it’s important to stay calm and remain focused on the road.  Turning around and trying to handle your children in the back while driving the car is terribly dangerous.

Not only is your attention split between two things, but you’re physically divided between two parts of the car as well.  Reaching behind into the back seat or attempting to use your hand to break up a fight is asking for a car accident.

Instead, remain calm until you can pull over to a complete stop to handle whatever needs to be handled.


#3 Cry

Sometimes you can’t always control when you get emotional.  However, if you feel yourself starting to cry before getting behind the wheel, it’s probably a good idea to take a break and gather your thoughts before driving.

When you cry not only are you distracted by your emotions, but your vision is blurred from tears and squinting your eyes.


#4 Apply Makeup

Everyone has found themselves in a rush on their way somewhere at some point.  Although it may seem innocent applying makeup in your rearview mirror, it’s a terrible idea.

Besides taking away focus, you could get hit or have to brake quickly which could lead to stabbing yourself.


#5 Take Your Hands Off The Wheel

Even if you’re the most talented driver in the world, you should never take your hands off the wheel.   Always keep them attached to the wheel ready to steer at any moment.

Remember, things can come out of nowhere when you’re driving.  It’s important to be prepared to maneuver at any split moment.

What are some tips you can share that you should never do while driving?

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