Do you listen to podcast? If you're not it's time to start paying attention. Podcast are becoming one of the top ways to consume content these days next to reading blogs and watching video.  In fact, millions of podcast are downloaded each and every day right to peoples mobile devices and computers. What's great about this is it lets you consume content on the go without … [Read more...]

How's everyone's week going so far?  Here in Ohio we are being flooded right now.  In fact on Wednesday night we got around 3 and a half inches of rain and that doesn't count all the rain we got on Thursday.  With all that rain it's caused some major flooding in my area and my yard is a complete mud hole right now since I don't have any grass yet. Anyways this week has … [Read more...]

Well it's another week and another dollar and as you can tell by the title of this article it's been a tough one.  If you read my article last week about credit card problems you may know how I've dealing with credit card debt and what I'm doing to get back on track with my finances. Well it seems their has been a few wrenches thrown into the plan as I just received another … [Read more...]


Well it's the end of the week again and it's Good Friday to boot for all of those who are Catholic, including myself.  On top of that we are onto the last few days of March and I have no idea where the entire month went to.  I've been very busy with all kinds of things from helping the kids, to working on my brand new niche site. Which brings me to my next point.  This … [Read more...]

Well here we are again this week.  This week has been an incredibly busy week.  I've adding some new content to my new niche site on top of keeping up with things here.  To add to the list things have been picking up at work and to boot I've been helping my brother load out hogs. Yes you heard me right hogs.  It so happens my older brother is a hog farmer and twice a … [Read more...]