Well it seems to be that part of the week again and this week been a great week.  My house is running on time and currently is on schedule to be done between February 8th to 13th.  Right now, they are finishing the dry wall and moving onto painting next week which means they will be hanging cabinets and trim along with the flooring.  It seems like the whole building process has gone so fast and the end is near.

Anyways lets get things started.

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First off, if you haven’t had the chance the $1000 giveaway is still going on with Structured Settlement Quotes. Their are still 6 days to register so sign up now here.

Secondly,  I’m also looking for some talented writers to guest post.  Stumble Forward is a PR3 site, with over 200 visitors a day, and is looking for some high quality guest post. However, I am only looking for those that either a financial blogger or in the financial field.  If you are interested just shoot me an email via my contact page.  Also be sure to read over my guest posting policy as well.

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Odd Search Terms

This week I also came across a really odd search term and normally I don’t see many of these but I could hardly pass up this one.

Do you think investing in Elvis is a good investment -  Seriously, the king is dead, let it go.  This person must be desperate if they think investing in a bunch Elvis stuff is going to improve their portfolio.  What’s your thoughts?

Blogger Spotlight – I Heart Budgets

This week I came a across a pretty awesome post by I Heart Budgets about an idea I’ve heard very little about, churning credit cards.  In his article Churning Credit Cards For Travel and Hotel Rewards, they talk about how to take advantage of special credit card travel rewards for various credit reward programs and get everything from free flights to free nights at a hotel.

One of the reasons this article interested me so much is because I am a big fan of traveling and seeing new places and I like the ideas he works through in his article to rotate through different reward cards every few months to get points for free flights and hotels.  In fact I’ve even given thought to possibly trying this in the distant future when my life isn’t so financially hectic.

On the other side this article did met a little bit of opposition because it breaks a lot of the codes we financial bloggers live by, or at least me.  I can see how this type of program could get out of hand really quick if you don’t have a solid plan in place.  So if you haven’t had the chance check out this great post.

Till then have a good weekend everyone.

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  1. Investing in Elvis stuff is a bad idea?! ;) That is a crazy search term! Glad to hear that things are coming along on your house.

  2. Christopher says:

    Hi John. That is really crazy to be investing in Elvis. Of all the options form mutual funds, EFT’s, stocks, bonds, and heck even gold and they want to invest in Elvis stuff. Thanks for the comment.

  3. LoL! Hey, Elvis is alive, he’s just living on the moon right now! But seriously, thanks for highlighting my post. It’s the biggest one I’ve written by far, and probably the most enjoyable. My wife and I were just planning this morning on heading to the Financial Blogger Conference, and realized we could fly first class and stay in a pretty sweet hotel. I also just got my SPG membership card, and I am automatically approved for late check-out (4pm) and upgraded rooms upon arrival (from interior to a view, or a higher floor) at no extra charge. SAWEET! I’m excited to be ballin’ on a budget :)

  4. Christopher says:

    Sweet Jacob. Getting to the Financial Bloggers Conference at that rate would be awesome. I would love to get to FINCON this year but my finances are not very stable yet. I haven’t heard where the conference will be held at yet but I will probably price things out to get a better idea of what kind of cost are involved. Anyways thanks for sharing your thoughts and comments.

  5. Hey Chris,
    I’ve heard Pat Flynn mention you before on his site, but it wasn’t until today when you commented on my guest post at the SPI blog that I clicked over to your site.

    I love your site and think you tackle a super important issue in America today.

    Seems like the problem for most people is not how much we earn, but how much we spend.

    Anyway, it’s nice to meet you. I see you allow guest posts, so I’ll try to think of a great topic for you. (I assume life insurance topics are ok for this site??)

  6. Christopher says:

    HI Chris,

    First off, thanks for the complement, I really appreciate it. I started Stumble Forward as a way to help people avoid financial mistakes and give valid tips, advice, and stories along the way. I’ve been looking towards Pat’s site lately as a way to get myself to that next level and he has been a tremendous help. As far the guest post I’d love to hear any ideas you have, life insurance topic are defiantly welcome here as well. Just send me over any topic ideas you have and I will pick the one I like best. Thanks for stopping by.

    Oh yeah, by the way I checked out your site and it’s awesome, you defiantly have some great info there. Anyways it was great to hear from you.

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