Well here we go again.  New Years is over, and we are already into January.  Where does the time go, it feels like December just got started.  Anyways I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and good start to the new year.

This weeks mentions are a special one and  if you haven’t noticed yet I recently started the Stumble Forward Facebook Page.   I’ve wanted to start this for some time but I’ve been incredibly busy with things and not to mention the fact that I’ve been in the process of building a new house which I will talk more about in future articles.

As for my plans with the Stumble Forward Facebook page I have several goals I wish to accomplish with this page.

  • Highlight articles I’ve written.  First off, I want use this page as a way to mention any new content I write.  With over a billion people on Facebook these days it’s the perfect way to keep my content in front of my readers.
  • Guest post I’ve written. I also feel Facebook is the perfect way to highlight guest post I’ve written which I do quite frequently.
  • Articles written by other financial bloggers that deserve a special mention.  From time to time I also come across some great articles written by other personal finance bloggers and because of that I would like give them a special mention.
  • Share special tips.  On top of that I want this page to carry some extra value that you wouldn’t normally get at Stumble Forward.  As a result I am giving out 1 daily tip about to help you avoid a potential financial mistake.
  • Ask questions and develop a stronger relationship with my readers.  Finally, one of the most important reasons I started this Facebook Page was to build a stronger relationship with my readers and get to know them better.  On top of that it also allows me to ask questions and learn more about my site and what I can do to improve myself.

So take some time now and click the like button for the Stumble Forward Facebook page to the right .  Also what would you like to on the Stumble Forward Facebook page?  I would be interested in hearing your comments below.


Now onto more important things.  This week or at least until January 10th a new blog giveaway is going on giving away a $100.  I don’t know about you but an extra $100 in my pocket would defiantly be a great way to start out the New Year.  On top of that you can enter as many as 33 times for this contest.  So if you would like to sign up for this giveaway you can check it out here at Debt Roundup.

The second mention I want to throw out there is the Debt Movement which was started by Ready For Zero.  They have an ambitious goal to help people pay off $10 million of debt this year alone.  To get started sign up for Ready For Zero here to learn more.

Well their you have it.  Check out the mentions and sign up for the  Stumble Forward Facebook page now.

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  1. Thanks for the mention Chris, especially about the giveaway. I really appreciate it. I have a facebook page, but do not engage with it as much as I should. This is something that I need to work on. congrats on starting one.

  2. Christopher says:

    Thanks Grayson. As far as the Facebook page goes I’m not one to reach out to others real quick either but with all the benefits I see behind having one I would be crazy not too. Thanks for the comment.

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