Back in March of 2012 I signed up for Lifelock Ultimate, the premier product from Lifelock, and in that time I’ve learned a lot about it.  I also did a complete comprehensive review which covered all the details about this wonderful product, the good the bad and everything in between.  However, if you want to know all the details you may want to read that article first to get a sense of what this product is.

This article however is not a review but rather a look at the things I’ve gained and learned about this product over time.  Face it anyone can write a review about a product but what we really want to know is how this product can benefit us and the value it can deliver over time to you from someone who actually owns and uses this product.  If you’re reading this article for those reason you’ve come to the right place.

In the end all I want to do is give you the real info on this product and hopefully help you make that educated buying decision on what I’ve learned.  I should also mention that some of the links in this article are my affiliate links for Lifelock Ultimate and will pay me a commission if you happen to buy it.

So in this article I’m going to cover 7 major things I’ve learned about Lifelock Ultimate as an avid user and in the end hopefully help you decide, Is Lifelock Worth It?

Response Time

First off, the big thing I was worried about when I first bought this product was will it work when I need it?  In other words, when my identity gets stolen how long will it take for Lifelock to take action and notify me that someone is screwing around with my identity?

To figure this out I signed up for a credit card.  That’s right the only way I was going to figure this out was if I signed up for a new credit card and since I was looking for a new gas card at the time anyways I figured now was as good of time as any to try out their services.

So I signed up for the card and mailed in my application and within two days I was contacted by Lifelock about some activity with my credit.  So I would have to say that their response time is very good.

Multiple Contacts

Now when I was first contacted by Lifelock, it was by email and they didn’t just send one email they sent several emails.  However, it didn’t end there, they also sent me text messages, and even called me directly person to person to tell me that someone had applied for credit using my name, and social security number.

I know this might have been a bit annoying but they certainly got my attention with all the emails, text messages, and phone calls.  What this means for the average consumer is that if you’re someone who doesn’t check their email every 5 seconds or receive text messages, rest assured that someone from Lifelock will contact you some how or some way.


Once I had been contacted the next step was to approve or disapprove the indecent with Lifelock.  Now I’m not a 100% sure what would happen if I disapproved the application but my guess is Lifelock would then go to work to resolve the issue so the person could not claim credit under my name.

What I liked about this the most though was that I had to give my seal of approval for them to proceed with the credit application.  Once I approved it everything took care of itself and I received the credit card a short time later.


Another thing that I’ve come to like so much about Lifelock Ultimate is that they send me monthly updates letting me know what’s going on with my credit, and identity.  The reason I like this so much is because it gives me piece of mind to know that they are right on top of things every month and not just collecting another payment from me.

On top of that they also send me informative articles on ways to protect myself, and also teaching me different ways criminals are going about steeling other peoples identities, whether it’s through wifi sniffing, or email phishing.

Sex Offenders

One thing I recently learned about Lifelock is that they also track whether their are any sexual predators in your area.  Any sexual predator that lives within your zip code or moves to your area will automatically inform you of the change.

This recently happened to me when I was notified of not one but two sexual predators that were living in my area.  On top of that it gave me their name and address so I could see exactly were these people lived.  As a father of 3 kids this is great information to know.

Adding My Children

Speaking of children, I’ve also found Lifelock to be a great way to cover my kids.  Child identity theft is one of the worst identity theft crimes since it can go unnoticed for years before it’s discovered.  On top of that once their credit is ruined it can take years for things to heel.

However, what surprised me the most about getting coverage for my children was how cheap the coverage was.  With Lifelock it’s only $2.25 a month per child for a grand total of $6.75 to cover all 3 of my kids.   With that kind of price you crazy not to add your kids.

My Credit

Finally, the last thing I found so great about Lifelock over the last 9 months was how they monitored my credit.  With Lifelock Ultimate you’re able to view all 3 of your credit reports and scores.  On top of that Lifelock continually monitors your credit.

Now I should mention that Lifelock does not do credit repair but rather looks for ill-regularities in your credit were someone may have been tampering with it.  This recently happened to me when I received an update that someone was messing with my credit.  So I immediately called Lifelock and they took care of the situation.

For me it felt like someone had lifted a huge weight off my shoulders, because I knew that someone was looking after my credit and that’s probably the thing I like most about this product.

Is Lifelock Worth It

I’ll admit I was a bit skeptical at first when I signed up but now that I’ve been able to see this product in action over the last 9 months I can tell you it’s defiantly worth it.  In that short time I’ve received 4 alerts warning me of possible dangers of identity theft.

With identity theft on the rise I wonder how long it will take before someone really does steal my identity.  Whatever the case I know I’ll be protected by Lifelock.

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