Today finding a top rated debt relief program that will truly help you get debt free without taking advantage of you is far and few between.  However their is still an option among debt relief companies,CuraDebt.  In this article I am going to cover why this is truly one of the best rated debt relief programs of it’s kind and what sets them apart from their competition.

What CuraDebt Does

Curadebt started in 200o and does everything from debt consolidation plans, to debt management plans, and even credit counseling.  The specialize in helping consumers, and even business owners cut up to 50% of their unsecured debt off.

Curadebts typical customer will need at least $10,000 of debt or more and must be facing a financial hardship in order to be excepted.  In fact they help nearly 10,000 people a year get on track with their debt.

Finally, they will work with you on a one on one basis to help you pay back your debt through one of their many options available.  With all the things they can do it’s easy to see why they are one of the top rated debt relief programs out there.

The Problem With Most Debt Companies

However their is one thing that Curadebt does that almost all other debt companies won’t.  With Curadebt you have to be facing some sort of hardship in order to qualify for their program.  This could be due to many medical bills and no disability income or even a loss of a job which is preventing from paying your bills.

However the problem with almost all other companies is that they will except almost anybody that has debts and what they will do is tell you to start paying them instead of your creditors.  They will then collect their fees and wait till your credit is next to completely ruined.

Doing this will put you into a hardship position and ruin your credit to boot.  Debt companies will do this to prove to creditors that you can’t make your payments and therefore will be more willing to negotiate a settlement as a result.  In the end this is no way for you to go.  So you might be wondering what else makes Curadebt one of the best debt relief programs around?

Why CuraDebt Is Better

Handles all creditor calls. First off once you are approved with Curadebt they will handle all of your creditor calls.  They will work with you creditors to resolve the problems and stop your phone from ringing from the constant hassle of late payments.

Negotiates deals in bulk. Next one of the great things about Curadebt is that they will negotiate deals in bulk for.  They don’t just negotiate your debt but instead combine all of the debts from other borrowers and negotiate one big settlement, giving you a better deal in the end.

Commission based agents. Next, Curadebt agents work totally on commission, and the best part is when they help you save more they make more money, so it’s a win/win relationship between you and Curadebt, something almost no other debt company does.

They offer payment plans and lump sum payments. Finally, the last thing that Curadebt does is they allow you to pay off all of your debt in one lump sum payment or through a payment plan.  This is virtually unheard of with debt companies.

Is CuraDebt For You

If you have $10,000 of debt or more and are facing a hardship Curadebt is perfect for you.  You could say Curadebt is the best debt relief program out there, if you want to know for sure you can check them out here at

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