Well it’s that time again this week to post another article here at Stumble Forward and this week I have a special treat for you.  This week I’m going to be talking about something that I’ve been working on quit a long time.

Recently I’ve been testing the idea of building supplemental earnings to help me save and pay off debt.  In a sense this is money I’m earning to help me speed up the process of saving more money and get debt free faster.

So how am I doing it?  Well, if you can’t tell from the title already I’m using my Adsense earnings to help supplement my income.    So in this article I’m going to talk about what I’ve done so far, why I use Adsense, and at the end I am going to include a few resources for you to get started yourself so stick around.

My Current Google Adsense Earnings

Over the last few months I earned my first $100 of income.  This didn’t come easy though it took several months of hard work to do it and finally at the end of October 2009 I finally achieved my goal.  Now I know $100 isn’t much but in the month November I’m currently on track to earn $100 in one month.  See the picture below.


In the picture above you can see my typical Adsense earnings for the month.  Now I can’t show you how many page impressions, clicks, or what my CTR is (% of visitors who clicked an ad) because it’s against Google’s terms of service.  But I can show you my average Adsense earnings, and this month I’m on track to hit $100.

Using Adsense To Get Out Of Debt

Now I know a $100 isn’t going to solve all of your financial problems but it’ll help.  I also want to mention that over time I will increase Adsense earnings though continually developing and learning how to improve my skills.

However, once you’ve built up this income though there are a few things you’ll want to be prepared for.

  1. Don’t become dependent on the earnings. Earning extra money from Adsense to help pay off bills and save more is meant to help you speed up the process not be your only form of income.
  2. Don’t create more debt. Just because you are earning money from the Adsense program doesn’t mean you can go on a spending spree and build up more debt.  If you start earning some great money from Adsense to help you pay the bill and you get carried away and buy a new car you have just defeated the purpose of earning the money.
  3. Save your earnings don’t spend them. In the beginning you don’t want to even spend the money on helping you pay off debt.  What I recommend you do is save it first.  Why?  Because you don’t know how long or even if the money will continue to keep coming in.  Sometimes things change and you’re earning may dry up like a desert.

Why I Like Earning Money From Adsense

They’re a few reasons why I like using this method to earning some extra money to help me pay the bills.

  • Low Overhead. It doesn’t cost much to get started with this, just a few bucks a month and a little bit of your time.
  • Easy Learning Curve. When it comes to earning money online Adsense is the easiest place to start.  Don’t get me wrong other methods work as well but when you’re just getting started with this you’ll have more success with Adsense first.
  • No Experience Required. You don’t have to be a marketing genius to do this.  I spend a few hours every week at this and that’s it.  Now obviously if you put more time in you’ll see better results but even just putting in five to ten hours a week can earn you some great money over time.

Who Is This Program Best Suited For

Not everyone is suited to be a part of Google Adsense, however I have listed a few people I feel will best fit this program.

  • Anyone who is in debt and looking for an extra source of income.  Sometimes the jobs aren’t out there so why not create one.  With Adsense you are in a sense your own boss earning income.
  • Single parents. With single parents I know it’s tough to work two jobs and be there for your kids.  With this program you can work from home earning extra money from one of the largest internet companies around, Google, allowing you to be home for your family.
  • Any who wants to save more money.  With so many people in debt most people can’t afford to save more.  With Adsense you could earn an extra $100 and use it as an extra resource to help build your saving account.

A Few Resources To Help You get Started

The internet contains thousands of resources on Adsense, some great, and others not worth a damn.  So here are a few places you can get started and maximize Adsense earnings.

  • Google Adsense.  This is the first place to check out.  Google has tons of info on their program to help you get started.
  • Grizzly’s How To Make Money Online For Beginners. This website is full of great advice.  Griz has tons of experience earning money from Adsense.   I thank Griz everyday for what he has taught me; otherwise I wouldn’t be earning anything at all.
  • Make Money Online Grizzly. This is another one of Griz’s sites I also found very helpful.
  • The Keyword Academy. This site is probably my favorite resource when it comes to learning about earning money with Google Adsense because these guys built up a ton of knowledge on the subject.  The Keyword Academy is a membership site but the small fee they charge is defiantly worth the money.

In Closing…

Check out the resources above and get started.  The worst thing you can do right now is nothing.  Taking action is always the first step to becoming successful.  So what is it going to be, get started building your Adsense earnings now.

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  1. A hundred bucks is a hundred bucks. And, a hundred bucks a month is $1,200 per year. Add in the interest you will save by accellerating your debt and that’s a lot of dough. When it comes to finances, the big balances usually start with a small amount.

  2. Christopher Holdheide says:

    Right on Bret, when money is tight a $100 is a lot and when you save and add the interest plus build up the earning you have an income you didn’t have before. Thanks for the comment.

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