This week I have decide to touch on a few blogger who I felt wrote some great post.  Check out their work and let me know what you think.

  1. Smart Money Daily with Learning From the Recession.  I like this post because if we don’t learn from are mistakes we made in this recession how will we be able to withstand the next.
  2. Discover Debt Freedom! with How To Recognize Credit Counseling Scam.  I like these kinds of post.  With so many scams out there even the people who look like they are trying to help you may even be scamming you.
  3. Automatic Finances with The Once In A While Fund.  This is great idea and I wish more people would do this.  With a once in a while fund instead of making big payments up front you can break them down into easy money payments.  This is an article you will definitely want to read.
  4. Good Financial Cents with What Would Happen If Don’t File Your Tax Return.  If you cut the line close on April 15 and had to file an extension you will definitely want to know what you are up against.  With penalties as high a $600. 
  5. The Big Dreamer with Managing Your Money The Rich Way.  Do you ever wonder how the rich handle their money.  You might think they just have proffesionals who do it all for them.  Nope, they know something we don’t.  They have different habits than we do with handling money. 
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  1. Hi Christopher,

    This is Mark from The Big Dreamer. Thank you very much for including my article in your top finance blog posts of the week. I hope your readers would like it too.

    You’ve got a great blog here with some really great information. I’m very positive your knowledge gained working in the financial services industry will certainly be of value to people. Keep writing!



  2. Christopher Holdheide says:

    Thanks Mark, I enjoyed your blog and the message it sends out to people. I’ll keep checking in and give you a stumble on that article as well. You definatly deserve it for the work you put in your blog.

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