Are You Looking To Make Some Extra Money

With the way the economy is and jobs becoming a big shortage these days you may be looking for some extra cash.  So if your looking for a way to make some extra income you might be interested in this opportunity.  The cencus bureau is looking for part time workers for the upcoming cencus.

Between February and May of 2009 the Cencus bureau will be looking for workers.

You can check out the cencus jobs here.

Cencus Job Qualifications

In order to get a job their are some things you need to have and do.  Here are a few things.

  • Need to be a U.S. Citizen
  • Need a social security card
  • Need to do 4 days of training
  • Pass a basic exam
  • Pass a background check
  • Need to read write and speak English

Cencus Duties

A cencus worker you will do between 20 to 40 hours per week.  Along with that you will need your own car and phone.

The two main things you will do is be updating address lists and conducting interviews.  You will be given a PDA and the proper materials to do both of these things.

Is This Job For You

This job is perfect for retirees, college students, people who have been recently laid off from work, or even you are just looking for a way to pay off some extra debt and save more money.

So does this sound like something for you?  If it does check out the 2010 Cencus Jobs Website. You will find more info there.

Final Thoughts…

If your considering debt relief options like this this as a way to earn extra money to get out of debt it may be well worth the effort to learn more about this option.


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  1. I know some people who work for the Census Bureau… definitely is a decent job to get some extra cash.

    Just be prepared for rejection!

  2. Christopher Holdheide says:

    I’m sure the goverment is very picky about who they take on. You have to be ready to pass a backround check and take a test. But most goverment jobs are like that.

    Thanks for the comment My Life ROI

  3. claire silverman says:

    I took and past the test for the 2010 cencus and would like to know if I am being considered employment. Please let me know by e-mail. Thank you, Claire Silverman

  4. Christopher Holdheide says:

    Claire, I’m not sure you would have to contact the Census Bureau to find out for sure. I do know they were assigning jobs earlier in the year but as far as getting a job you will have to go to and email them to get an answer.

  5. I gather spelling and grammar aren’t necessary if the spelling and wording in your explanation are anything to go by! What’s a ‘cencus’ (do you mean ‘census’?) , a ‘bearuea’ (do you mean ‘bureau’?) ‘goverment’ (do you mean ‘government’?) and do you mean ‘you’re’ when you say ‘if your looking for….’?. This isn’t meant to be a snide remark about whoever compiled the details but if a certain standard of education is required for any government temporary appointment I think perhaps applicants should be told to avoid the disappointment of rejection.
    But thanks for the information.

  6. Christopher Holdheide says:

    Thanks for the advice I will go back and make the necessary changes.

  7. vernita edmonds says:

    i was excited to know that i was hired for the 2010 census. then i found out that i had a problem with my backround check. everythig turned out to be ok. i was sent a letter stating i could go back to work on monday the 3 of may but it is now the 7th of may and no one has contacted me. im starting to have second thoughts about the census. i feel like im getting the run arounds! i would expect this from a corp. co. but this is the us goverment ! i thought u would have been more organized and informing to the employees. guess i was wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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