Like they always say money doesn’t grow on trees.  In life you have to work hard to earn that all mighty dollar to get to the top or do you? 

Let me put it another way.  Why does it always seem that the rich and successful always seem to be rolling in the money and others who work very hard just can’t seem to grasp that success that other have? 

Well to put it honestly they do work hard but they also do one other thing as well.  The rich and successful also work smart.  This is one quality almost all successful people have the willingness to continually keep learning new things.  In fact it was Donald Trump who once said:

Learn one new thing everyday.

In my business this has been a daily task for the last couple of years.  In fact one of my favorite places to learn new things about personal finance is The Carnival of Personal Finances and this weeks addition which is the 180th addition is being held by Living Almost Large.

Here are a few of my favorites check the rest out HERE.

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